Administration and Management of Workers’ Compensation Claims

  • Cost management
  • Review all claim applications
  • Provide guidelines for certification and rejection of claims
  • Ensure the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) schedules 90-day exams (SDES) in a timely manner
  • Schedule Independent Medical Examinations as needed
  • Assist with development of light duty programs
  • Assist with development and participation in the $1000 Deductible Program (optional)
  • Initiate full and final settlement negotiations
  • Obtain handicap relief on eligible claims
  • Settlement of claims to reduce liability

Technical Services

  • Annual review of all claims experience data
  • Automatic review of alternative methods on reducing premium liability, such as participation in a group rating program, if eligible
  • Quarterly reports showing all compensation and medical paid

Safety Services

  • Development of specialized safety policies and procedures
  • Audits and evaluations of job sites
  • Employer training programs
  • On-site OSHA consultation assistance
  • OSHA 300 log maintenance
  • Assist with development of PDP applications and Plan of Action forms for Ohio BWC

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